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David Goldrake - Imaginarium Magic
David Goldrake - Imaginarium

David Goldrake, the magician and award-winning grand illusionist, takes you on a journey through a surreal place somewhere between the world we call our own and a breathtaking world full of dreams an....More info about David Goldrake - Imaginarium

Dirk Arthur Wild Magic.. Magic
Dirk Arthur Wild Magic..

Dirk Arthur Wild Magic is an intimate and mind-blowing night of entertainment. Dirk Arthur is an irresistible mix of showman and illusionist leaving the crowd always asking, how did he do that? A w....More info about Dirk Arthur Wild Magic..

Murray the Magician Magic
Murray the Magician

Murray the Magician. Direct from America's Got Talent and History Channel's Pawn Stars, Murray the Magician is a family-friendly comedy magic show in Las Vegas. Murray the Magician dazzled the judg....More info about Murray the Magician

Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show Magic
Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show

Paranormal. Watching a Paranormal show performance by Frederic Da Silva is like being on first-name basis with a mystery without really understanding it. International mentalist Frederic Da Silva now....More info about Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show

Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream Magic
Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream is unlike any other in Las Vegas. Audiences enter the Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood Casino only to find themselves immediately transported into Mortimer's dream....More info about Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream