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March 15, 2019

Purple Reign, the Prince Tribute Show discount tickets available, 50% off - HALF PRICE SHOWS, Las Vegas Discount Tickets

Purple Reign the Prince Tribute show Save money with

Purple Reign, the Prince Tribute Show captures performances and the raw energy of Prince in his prime. Sit back and let your eyes and ears take you to the era that made "The Artist" an international superstar. Purple Reign is a Reign Entertainment Productions, Inc. . You will be amazed. You have seen the movie Purple Reign, now you must see Purple Reign the Prince Tribute Show as they deliver the authentic live music.

Capturing the imagination and recreation of a tribute to Morris Day and The Time and Vanity 6. Performs at Tropicana Casino. Purple Reign Prince is Jason Tenner and he returns you to the era of blistering performances by the international superstar This is an award-winning Prince tribute show. Purple Reign, the Prince Tribute Show discount tickets available, 50% off.

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