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March 18, 2019

Red Rock Canyon Tour Discount 50% off - HALF PRICE SHOWS, Las Vegas Discount Tickets

Red Rock Canyon Tour at 50% off  Save money with

Red Rock Canyon Tour Discount 50% off. Since this is a shorter tour in time than a longer Grand Canyon Tour, the tour company provides a smaller, better special equipped for the road throughout Red Rock Canyon passenger buses which accommodates 8-29 passengers.

Whether you are a hiker, professional or an amateur photographer or just a lover of nature beautiful landscape, this desert spectacular awaits you. The splendor, beauty and colorful layered sandstone formations, unique rock shapes and petrified sand dunes make this tour a must see for visitors and local residents alike. W There will be various stops along the way to fully enjoy the beauty of mother nature with these unique rock formations. ith abundant wildlife, desert plants, you will have an opportunity to learn all about Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. After viewing the colorful high desert terrain and sandstone colorful rocks, you will understand why it is one of the best rock climbing areas in the world. After leaving the visitor headquarters, you will enjoy a 13-mile scenic loop through the heart of Red Rock Canyon.

The tour takes approximately 4 hours. You will receive a morning snack and beverage, free, and you will receive a Red Rock Casino Feast Buffet free. The Professional Drivers will make your trip an awesome memory.

Once you purchased your 50% off tickets, within the confirmation you will see on the screen as well as the email sent to you will have a phone number you will need to call to secure the closest and easiest location for your free pickup and return bus tour. Many casinos have more than one main entrance so it is important to call the phone number in the confirmation as soon as possible.

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