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February 26, 2020

Discount Ticket Scams - The Real Story, 50% off tickets - HALF PRICE SHOWS, Las Vegas Discount Tickets

Discount Tickets Scam, learn the truth, 50% off  Save money with

Being in the discount show, tour and attraction ticket business for more than 30 years have really opened my eyes to many business practices which take unknowing buyers into a world of high costs and overpriced add on fees. As the economy continues to change, the term. . . . the buyers beware, could not be any more important as in today sales of discount and even full price retail tickets. The difference from the actual cost of a ticket to the final price is often 30% to 110% more than it should be for the ticket buyer. Listed below are the categories and pitfalls often ticket buyers find themselves within. This article is designed to make you aware of how to obtain the best discount price anywhere in the world. The following article is broken into eight parts and a conclusion.

1. Enticement
2. Base Pricing
3. Add on Pricing - Fees
4. Drip Pricing
5. Ticket Options
6. Tickets vs. Vouchers vs. Space Available
7. Monopoly
8. Refunds
And a conclusion to the art of buying discount tickets.

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