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February 5, 2020

Hypnomania Show 50% off tickets - HALF PRICE SHOWS, Las Vegas Discount Tickets

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Hypnomania Show tickets at 50% off. This interactive, improvisational and sidesplitting comedy hypnosis show is a winner in every way. The audience will be on the edges of their seats. Watch as the unique mysteries of the human mind are exposed. Don Barnhart Hypnomania Show releases the hidden talents of a dozen improvisational comedians on stage with Barnhart serving as the ringleader. No daily repetitive show here, each performance is unique and fun for all. Sit back and enjoy a musical, fast-paced journey through volunteers? subconscious creative genius. Do not just watch the show, be in the show. Barnhart's show is as empowering as it is entertaining. Don leaves his audience volunteers feeling refreshed and recharged. They have the sensation of having learned a technique they can use long after the show. Best of all, skeptics are encouraged to attend! The Hypnomania Show. Performs at Downtown Grand Casino.

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