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About us

Save money with
Save money with

About Us: was created by Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas to help show venues sell their surplus show tickets while simultaneously delivering those surplus tickets to our clients at a discount rate. We offer 50% ticket sales days in advance of the performance.

Who we are: is one of the 715+ web sites created and owned by Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas (IVLV).  Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas began in 1992 as a paper magazine city guide for the city of Las Vegas.  The online version was added in 1993 to the paper version and both operated until 1999.

Our Goal: is in business to deliver online 50% off tickets from various venues around the world to our customers. The tickets we sell will be for various shows, tours, attractions, concerts, theaters, symphonies, special events, sporting events, etc.

In 1999 IVLV elected to stop printing a paper version and concentrate online 100% with our city guide of Las Vegas.  Over the past 20+ years of being online, IVLV has expanded to 219+ city guides worldwide, 250+ information sites and 200+ more various sites.  IVLV has teamed up with many companies to deliver the best quality and service to our clients worldwide.

We look forward to helping you buy 50% off Las Vegas Tickets.



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