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Christopher Reid

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Christopher Reid, formerly known as ''Kid'' from the rap duo Kid ''n Play with Christopher Martin brings his hysterically funny comedy to Delirious Comedy Club''s Celebrity Comedy Series Feb 29, 2020. Reid was notable for his exaggerated hi-top fade haircut and starring in the House Party Movies as well as the television programs, including Martin and Sister, Sister. He has also served as the host of amateur contest shows, such as Your Big Break and It''s Showtime at the Apollo. Reid''s most recent musical contribution has been writing the theme song to HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher. He also appeared on the VH1 reality magician game show, Celebracadabra. Pursuing a solo career, he released a music video for a song called "Why Don''t You Stay", to which he raps and sings on the track. He appeared in The Asylums film War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave a sequel to H.G Wells War of the Worlds. He has been a guest on The Dawn and Drew Show, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, New England Sports Networks Comedy All-Stars and Slanted Comedy and played the role of The Rhymer on the TV series Supah Ninjas and in LMFAOs video for Sorry for Party Rocking. Who knows you may want to see it over and over again. Remember, 50% off ticket price from for today or up to 120 days in the future.

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