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Las Vegas Seance is NOT Performing or NOT offering 50% off tickets at this time.
If this changes, we hope to sell their half price tickets.

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Las Vegas producer Robert Allen presents, an evening of ghostly entertainment that recreates the mystery of the classic Victorian sťance with a modern day twist. The "Las Vegas Sťance" provides a spine tingling look into the dark and mysterious side of the afterlife. This intriguing presentation invites you to experience the thrill of a live sťance and perhaps grab a glimpse of the "Other Side." Guests participate in paranormal ''''Living or Dead" experiments with spirits, witness common objects move by unseen forces and communicate with the dead. You may even contact someone from your past. Your senses will feel the eerie excitement as your medium summons forth the spirit world and takes you through a fascinating spirit workshop of supernatural phenomenon designed to manifest ghosts from the "Afterlife." Performs at Royal Resort Hotel - Between Encore and Riviera Casinos

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