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Legends in Concert

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Legends in Concert is the longest-running show in Las Vegas history, and is 50% off ticket price from For decades this constantly updated show is truly a must see show when you are in Las Vegas. The award winning, internationally acclaimed and sensational production is known as the pioneer of live tribute shows in the world. Legends in Concert possess the greatest collection of live tribute artists in the world all performing live on stage with their real voices. No lip sinks here. All these incredible artists have pitch perfect live vocals, signature choreography, and startling similar appearances to the legends they portray. Famous for being a family show, Legend in Concert is an excellent show for all ages 5 and above. Legends in Concert is worldwide known for elaborate theatrical sets, one of kind magnificent costumes and a full array of special effects which will mesmerize you. The cast is outstanding and each is a fully accomplished tribute artist. Cast represents a unique array of talented ensembles of singers and dancers bringing the musical experience to life. Legends in Concert has tributes to Sting, Aretha Franklin, Elvis and for the first time, young Michael Jackson, plus other superstars. Who knows you may want to see it over and over again. Remember, 50% off ticket price from for today or up to 120 days in the future. Performs at the Tropicana Casino.

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