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Press Release - 11.11.2007

Save money with
Save money with is proud of our easy to use web site and our service. Below are a few of the press releases we have issued over the past few years. continues expanding and offer you, the consumer, more venues and longer advanced purchase capabilities. We are your 100% Entertainment - 50% Cost provider.

Press Release - 11.11.2007

Nov 11, 2007 --- That technology and the Internet have transformed life is uncontestable - and the resulting increase in the quality of lives by shopping online at online merchants like is included in that change. caters to an increasingly demanding consumer market by offering same-day tickets without the inconvenience of waiting long lines or in inclement weather to purchase. Purchasers buy tickets online at half price or less and proceed directly to the venue.

"Once in a while, things are just easier," said founder Richard Reed. "Although there are people who remain concerned about the security of online purchasing, there are many more finding the advantages and security of making an online purchase irresistible for all the right reasons. While there are sites which entice with promises of valuable deals - only to disappoint consumers, delivers. Consumers can directly see what they're saving - sometimes over fifty percent on tickets to a wide variety of activities."

Among the offerings of ticket sales currently available via the site are:

- Show tickets
- Special Events
- Special Engagement
- Sporting Events
- Symphonies
- Concerts
- Tours

Distinguishing is its flexibility. Without a membership fee, consumers can make a single purchase or multiple purchases - the choice is theirs. Identifying and selecting an activity is intuitive and easy, and because the company is singularly focused on the consumer experience, the optimized Web site is quickly found within the first page of Yahoo! search results.

At the moment, destinations in the Las Vegas area are provided with additional expansion to San Francisco, areas of Texas and Florida, along with U.K. offerings, nearing a completed contract phase.

"We aim to paint the whole entertainment experience," added Reed. "Our years of travel industry experience lend themselves to a successful expansion of our portfolio." Aside from the direct to consumer approach in its marketing, is also actively promoting its offerings via a comprehensive affiliate program to travel agents. Details of the program and registration are available by visiting

Venues wishing to make their offerings available to the public may register and submit online. Along with details about the event or activity, photos may be uploaded to attract visitors to the offering.

"One of the most popular travel destinations, the Internet meets leisure time to afford adventures to compelling Las Vegas shows and activities," stated Reed. "With international venue expansion on the way, we aim to become the preferred destination for anyone seeking recreational activities worldwide."

To find specific offerings, details about the programs available to affiliates and venues wishing to promote their activities, visit or contact Richard Reed at 702-242-4482.