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Gene Woods Racing - Go Kart Experience55% Off

Gene Woods Racing - Go Kart Experience has the fastest go-karts in Nevada and an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip. Race up to 45 mph and feel the adrenaline for up to 20 heart pounding laps. Line up on the starting line and wait for the green. You do not race against some clock . . . you race to win!

Come blow the doors off your competition with up to 20 laps of rubber burning mayhem! Go 5 wide on the track inspired by racing legend Gene Woods in our European built 212cc, 6.5 h.p. gas powered Bowman Arrow karts on Las Vegas's longest only outdoor banked track with jets flying only hundreds of feet over your head. The best view of the famous Las Vegas Strip anywhere! You won't race in some old warehouse surrounded by concrete walls with the annoying sounds of electric motors or gas fumes. Fresh air and under the stars, your experience here will be one to remember. It is not just Go-karts . . . It is a true racing experience! Once you race here . . . you won't go anywhere else! Height restrictions apply; customer must be 54 inches or taller. Who knows you may want to do it over and over again. Remember, 50% off ticket price from for today or up to 120 days in the future.

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  • Gene Woods Racing Experience

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