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San Francisco, CA

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Union Square VIP Club Crawl50% Off

Union Square VIP Club Crawl, if you are looking for an unforgettable nightlife experience look no further. This VIP club crawl provides a nightlife experience you will never forget! You will begin your night at one San Francisco's hottest ultra-lounges. You will then skip the lines with VIP access and paid cover to three of the city's hottest venues. You will even have your own Premier Party Tours VIP Host to escort you throughout the evening for a fabulous Union Square experience! You will be playing games and winning prizes throughout the night. The Premier Party Tours VIP Club Crawl is perfect for individuals, couples, small groups, bachelor, bachelorette, Jack and Jill parties and locals! Each night Tour starts from a different location. Tour lasts 5+ hours, starts at 8p.
Thursday: Starts at Sugar Cafe, following stops are Infusion, Slide, The Cellar.
Friday: Starts at Sugar Cafe, following stops are Infusion, The Grand, The Cellar.
Saturday: Starts at Sugar Cafe, following stops are Starlight Room, Vessel, The Cellar.
Please Note: A $6.13 fee is already included for the VIP host gratuity. Club tips are not included.

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