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Las Vegas, NV

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Scooters, Trikes, Slingshots Rentals50% Off

No Motorcycle License required - regular drivers license is all you need. Rentals Available from noon on daily.

50% off scooters, trikes, slingshot rentals in Las Vegas. Rent scooters, slingshots or trikes to enhance your Las Vegas experience. NO motorcycle license is required. Explore Las Vegas in an open air drive experience with raw excitement as you and/or your group ride for fun and performance. Nevada is a no helmet state, so enjoy the breeze in your face as you ride the streets of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Offering a wide selection of Scooters and Trikes can be rented if you are 18 years old or above with a regular driver license from any country and to rent the slingshots you need to be 25 years old or older with a regular driver license. A credit card or cash can be used for a deposit which is returned to you after rental if no damage is done to vehicle, scooters and trikes $150 deposit, slingshot $500 deposit. Styling, joyriding, free spirited and be the envy of everyone you pass on the road. Hourly and day rentals are available per scooter, trikes, and slingshots. Free lock, free helmet if you desire, free roadside assistance is provided and most casinos allow you to park for free. 4 hour and daily rentals available on scooters and triks, slingshots available 2 hour and daily. Store hours are 9a till 6p daily.

  • 2 Blocks from Las Vegas Strip
  • Las Vegas Scooter & Slingshot Rentals

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