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Article 2020.2.26 Discount Ticket Information by Richard Reed CEO

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February 26, 2020

Discount Ticket Scams - Get the Facts on Buying Discount Tickets

Being in the discount show, tour and attraction ticket business for more than 30 years have really opened my eyes to many business practices which take unknowing buyers into a world of high costs and overpriced add on fees. As the economy continues to change, the term. . . . the buyers beware, could not be any more important as in today sales of discount and even full price retail tickets. The difference from the actual cost of a ticket to the final price is often 30% to 110% more than it should be for the ticket buyer. Listed below are the categories and pitfalls often ticket buyers find themselves within. This article is designed to make you aware of how to obtain the best discount price anywhere in the world. The following article is broken into eight parts and a conclusion.

1. Enticement
2. Base Pricing
3. Add on Pricing - Fees
4. Drip Pricing
5. Ticket Options
6. Tickets vs. Vouchers vs. Space Available
7. Monopoly
8. Refunds
And a conclusion to the art of buying discount tickets.

What the buyer needs to look out for.

1. (Enticement) The low price enticement to make you feel you are getting a deal is a common practice by many ticket sellers. Usually companies using this tactic obtain a handful of the worse seats in the event, even in many cases view obstructed or standing room only and promote a popular name event with a very low price. People flock to buy this extremely low price looking tickets but only discover the bad mistake they have made once arriving at the event and seeing where they are seated or if they even have a seat. The enticement does not stop there. Often you will find just before you buy their so-called discount ticket you must become a member and give up your email address and maybe more to obtain their special low price. This gives them a database to email you forever about their specials and deals. Once this type of ticket seller has your data, they make it nearly impossible for an easy removal of your email address from their list.

2. (Base Pricing) Over the years we have seen many ticket sellers invent or even blatantly advertise tickets at ridiculously low prices but as you continue to click through their web site you soon find out there are many obstacles for you to obtain this low price. Often you can start out with a base price of a ticket and after a couple clicks the shopping cart now says many dollars and often multiple times the original offered price. Often you have to be a member of their group to get these special prices. Or, they only have 0 or 1 ticket at this low price and hope you buy the correctly priced tickets since you are already at their web site. Some sites actually state the price might exceed the face value of the ticket. It is often seen in the ticket industry where a consumer pays more than full retail for a discount ticket after the seller maneuvers the base price and then has several add on fees / charges. Truly the bottom line is the final cost to you for a ticket. Regardless of the sales tactics used by a ticket seller, the final cost is what you need to compare in determining a good or bad deal. Often buyers see a low base price and assume they are getting a deal but in reality they are paying way over the discount price for their tickets.

3. (Add on Pricing - Fees) Each venue is different and often there are box office fees or city / state taxes which need to be added to the base price of a ticket. HOWEVER, this does not mean there is a flood of fees added to your ticket price as you begin to check out with your purchase. A quality ticket broker states their fees on the first page of their web site. There should be no hidden or surprise fees added on the last page of your purchase. Again, often we have seen discount ticket sellers actually charge more than the regular retail price of the ticket after they add on all their mystery fees. There are many ways for the less than honest ticket sellers to remove your money from you and the most common is in fees. Below are some of the common terminologies used to charge you more money for tickets you desire to buy.

Service Fee
Order Processing Fee
Online Transaction Fee
Convenience Fee
Transaction Fee
Will Call Fee
Resale Service Fee
Delivery Fee
Facility Fee
Maintenance Fee
Fulfillment Fee
Mobile Ticket Fee
Ticket Print Fee
Handling Fee
Shipping Fee

4. (Drip Pricing) Drip pricing is a term usually used by government agencies who investigate ticket sellers for deceptive business practices. What Drip Pricing means is there is a graduation of adding on additional costs throughout the purchasing process and eventually the consumer is charged a much larger cost per ticket than originally advertised. Consumer protection agencies really hate this type of practice as it makes it almost impossible for the consumer to do comparison shopping easily. The use of Drip Pricing is designed to wear down the buyer until they submit to the higher prices. These type of ticket sellers hope you will surrender to their add on fees and costs during the buying process.

5. (Ticket Options) Often ticket sellers disguise or even create fake ticket options to make their pricing look better. They may be selling a ticket option for example, Preferred Reserve, and in actually the venue does not even offer this ticket option. The consumer needs to make sure they are comparing the same ticket option when they compare ticket prices. There is a huge difference in value for a General Admission with a seat and a General Admission which is standing room only or view obstructed. Once again, hoping you do not read the fine print and the intentional leaving out of full explanations is a common practice for many unfair ticket sellers.

6. (Tickets vs. Vouchers vs. Space Available) As a person might think, a ticket is a ticket. But in the world of ticket sellers all sorts of terms and ways exist for sellers to take advantage of buyers. A ticket means you will be allowed into the venue and a space is provided for you. Since there are seats and standing room only in some venues, do not think a ticket always means you have a seat. The same goes for tickets sold with view obstructions. Just because you have a seat within some venue does not mean you will be able to see the entire event. A voucher is offered and many times the venue has the right to deny or accept this voucher for the date and time. When you use vouchers, the venue can also refuse entry and offer you a different date and time to match their inventory. Vouchers can be very tricky and often they do not work out well for the buyer. Space Available is usually associated with Vouchers as they do not guarantee you will be allowed into the venue on the day you arrive. Many famous large companies have made fortunes by selling Vouchers which is Space Available; The unknowing customer arrives at the venue with their Voucher and find out the box office is not accepting those for the current performance. If you have plenty of time and do not mind returning to the venue multiple times, Vouchers might be for you but may waste a lot of your time by not being allowed entry on multiple performances. Quality discount ticket sellers will state usually on their home page of a web site if they are selling real tickets or voucher space available.

7. (Monopoly) Many large ticket sellers can “control” the number of tickets available for sale and the prices. Often many government agencies have investigated ticket sellers for releasing only a few tickets, drive up the price with the demand and then release more tickets at an inflated price. This practice usually occurs more in full price tickets for major events but it also happens with discount tickets. A larger ticket seller can force the venue to give them tickets at certain prices only their company can buy. This force is known as monopoly or strong arming the venue to get a sweet heart deal and then charge the public huge mark up prices. Comparison shopping of the final price you are asked to pay for a discount ticket or a full price ticket is the only way to make sure you are getting a good deal. Artificially raising the prices on tickets thru a monopoly and then giving the unknowing buyer a discount sounds good to the buyer but in reality they are paying way over the going rate for their tickets.

8. (Refunds) Refunds are a way of life for many people in this online buying model we have all created. However, in live entertainment ticketing refunds are not the same as buying everyday items. Whether you buy discount tickets or full price retail tickets most of the time they are not refundable, changeable, allowed to be modified, able to be cancelled or any changes whatsoever. You will notice with quality ticket sellers they spell this out in great detail before you buy their tickets, discounted or full price tickets. You cannot treat live entertainment like buying a shirt. Return the shirt to the buyer and they can resell it again. You cannot return live entertainment tickets because the event has already been held and the venue / ticket seller has nothing they can sell. Even if you buy tickets in advance, most ticket sellers do not allow you to make changes or cancel ticket purchases. You will notice in the disclaimers you click on to approve before buying tickets you waive the right to change, modify or cancel the ticket order once purchased. So the obvious must be stated . . . do not buy discount or full price retail tickets if you are not 100% sure you are going to use them on the date and time you bought them for, there are usually no exceptions ever.


It is not our goal to scare or keep you away from buying discount tickets. It is our goal to arm you with enough information so you can do a real comparison shopping to determine who is offering the best price for the same ticket option. A golden rule is if the web site is hard to find the final price, if there are many obstacles such as becoming a member or giving up your identity to reach a final price, move on, this is not going to be the best price seller. There is nothing wrong with a company charging a fair price, or a fee to keep in business and make a profit. What is wrong is when ticket selling companies feel they can charge outlandish markups and get away with it. Another good rule to live by is the ability to reach a human at the company you desire to do business with 24/7. If you find it impossible to call the company or only get a recording this is not great customer service. Legitimate ticket sellers stand ready to help their customers. Quality ticket sellers have real humans trained about ticket selling who are ready 24/7 to answer any questions you might have. Sure some web sites offer chat capabilities but often no one has the time to type out long questions and work with someone who takes a long time to reply. We live in an instant response world and the consumer wants immediate replies to their questions.

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