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After being shut down for 78-days, some casinos on June 4, 2020 are opening. It is the owner of each casino to make the decision on when and which casinos they desire to reopen. Some casinos are opening on June 4. However, a large number of casinos are more on the sidelines using a wait and see method before they spend millions to reopen their properties.

True it costs millions to close a casino and the millions it costs weekly to keep a casino closed. But when you calculate the cost to reopen a closed facility, the enormous amount of people it takes to get it ready and safely cleaned, the cost goes astronomically.

Approximately three dozen casinos of all different sizes elected to open on June 4. Some of the major brand names are on the waiting list to see how their competitors will make out. Casinos such as Tropicana, Palms, Westgate, Aria, Paris, ParkMGM, Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood, and many others on this list are still closed.

Please do not get the impression an open casino means it will look or function like the casino did prior to the pandemic. There are limits to the number of people on the casino gaming area. Many restaurants are not open within the casinos, no nightclub or pool dayclub parties, no live entertainment, and a myriad of other items within the casino walls. It is very odd to walk by huge showrooms closed, nightclubs roped off and often your favorite restaurant remains closed.

As the tourist market gains momentum and hopefully the convention business returns to Las Vegas the more and more casino opening we will be experiencing. And as the volume of tourists, gamblers and conventioneers increase the number of amenities hopefully will match.

For persons and business sake, we hope there are not a second or third waves of the pandemic virus problems.

Each major casino scans a human, none invasions, as the person enters the casino front doors. These well-needed extra cleaning and the precautions for personal health and safety will be with us a long time.

We have no idea when to expect live entertainment to return to Las Vegas or what it might look like when it does. We can tell you this . . . when entertainment returns to Las Vegas we will be ready to help save you money on show, tour and attraction tickets here at

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