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Contests Results for Monthly Contest on HalfPriceShows.com

Thank you for the loyal visitors who visit our web site and took the time to send in a contest entry form.   Below are a few of highlights of those monthly contest submissions. Because of space and time permitting we will not post all submissions.


HalfPriceShows.com Contests - No Purchase Needed to Enter
This contest continues a new contest each calendar month.



Monthly Contest Question: This contest is very simple.  Tell us of your experience of either using this web
site or your experience if you bought 50% Off tickets from HalfPriceShows.com

Contest #1 - Sampling of the Monthly Replies
*  IWe bought four donny and marie tickets and saved almost 200.  We also bought Illusions ticktes and we sat in the second row.  You guys really made our vegas trip.  Kenneth Jacobson
*  I have bought many tickets from you guys. I like your low service fee and if the shows get canceled .You are good about giving refunds  Jerry Puffenbarger
*  This website was so easy to use and so knowledgeable. I didn't purchase tickets today but did find alot of information about upcoming events that I would like to go see. Cindy Williams
*  This is the first time I've see the website.  Carolann McLaughlin
*  I have had a great experience with half price shows-never had a problem from start to finish. karen shannon
*  no problems good price good seats.  Robert Valadez, Jr
*  I was able to get my tickets that I ordered at the box office 1/2 hour before showtime!  Mary Koscielniak
*  I have enjoy using this site for purchasing approx. 10 times in the past - thanks, again.  Lionel Johnson
*  Have purchased tickets from your website numerous times. Great value, great seats, overall experience was great!!  Irene Wolff
*  Web site is very user freindly! Guy Henderson
*  I'm meeting girlfriends in Vegas later this month. I've shared your site and we plan on using for show tickets.  Liz Sandoval
*  i kept waiting to see some hidden fees or some wierd tax but just like your web site states, you only charged us $3 above the half price.  When we went to the box office, they treated us like we had spent millions, we sat in the second row, dead center..  Donna Halderman
*  The first time I used your site I purchased tickets for Human Nature at the Imperial Palace. The show was one of the best concert shows I have ever seen! I was treated very well by the hotel show staff, and my seat was right by the stage! I think I even felt the singer's sweat!  lol  Russell Hook
*  Excellent selection, best prices, what a winning combination.. David Becker
*  It was great.  maria moreno
*  my friend told me about their success with your company and last week i used your company to buy several tickets.  everything went perfect and we had great seats.  it is good to see a company deliver exactly as they tell their clients.  i will use your company again and tell everyone about your superior service.. Gloria Simmons
*  I was pleased with my last purchase and halfprice was accommodating as I had to switch dates of my show. Thanks so much.  Rosrin Wuithiran
*  I visit Vegas twice a year fron Canada and try to see a show each night I am in town. I rarely get a ticket from anyone other than your company. It makes it very affordable and the staff are always friendly and knowledgable. It is a pleasure to deal with people that can answer questions about the shows as well.  Daryl Wright
*  Overall, a great deal. James Heinzen
*  Before our recent trip to Vegas I was impressed with this website and have kept it in my bookmarks for future reference. Janice  Heath
*  nice website, easy to browse all the shows, descriptions very helpful.  ed chung
*  Web site was easy to navigate, I did purchase show tickets on a previous trip and had no problem in redeeming them. Would do again!  Ricci Rivera
*  The tickets were awesome, I used them on my trip to Las Vegas, and the service was unbelievable.  Mercedes Rodriguez
*  I like the website, have used web site.  Leonard Keenen
*  I have purchased tickets in vegas several times and this web site is a excellent tool to review the shows that are available.  Joey Adams
*  this week was my second time using your site.  it was fast, easy to use and i saved nearly $100 on the two tickets i bought.  Allen Glenview
*  Yes, I used this website and have purchase tickets.  Allyson Kupau
*  Love this site and have sent it to many friends and family and can look for tickets when I go on vacation.  Dawn Schlauderaff
*  I use this site every time we visit LV and can plan our whole trip.  nancy lippert
*  Excellent.  Paul Naude
*  An excellent service and treated very well.  Paul Naude
*  Halfpriceshows gave me excellent prices and perfect seats, we sat in row 2.  I have told all my friends about your site.  Keep up the great work.  James Johnson
*  l was treated beautifully, 3 times. i saw hitsville, viva elvos, begees tribute . iforgot the 6os tribute show too. 3 xs i was vip-well worth it.  linda medina
*  I located this website by my friend who recently went to vegas, while planning my trip i came accross this website which was very helpful in choosing the shows i want to watch.  Jerilee Cerna
*  We have been to vegas before and have seen 1/2 price stands but they were too crowded and did not have anything we wanted. This looks much better and we will use it!  Bonnie Hiney
*  Very Easy, fast.  Mary Chlystek
*  Me and my wife bought tickets to popovich's comedy pet theater a couple of years ago. We did not know what to expect, but it was amazing!  Watching those trained cats was unbelievable. They sat at desks, they jumped on platforms and stayed there, and the cat pushing the dog in the stroller was comedy gold! I think we were the only people without kids there, but we did not care. It was a blast, and exactly what we were looking for! Now that we have a small daughter, I would take her when we come next! Not only that, but we won about $100 on the way out, at planet hollywood casino. Awesome night.  Shayne Stacy
*  I used this site to get tickets for Matsuri in Vegas. It was surprisingly simple to do and to redeem the voucher. I would buy tickets from here again and have recommended you to friends as well.  debra allen
*  haven't used this website yet. Betsy Myers
*  I have not purchased tickets yet but I will be for an upcoming trip.  Denise George
*  I purchased tickets for the Stripper University class for a Bachelorette party, I had no problems using the website and we were treated like the other clients. Great time all around. Briana Smith
*  I have no experience with your website.  Amy Childs
*  It was easy and I got treated the same as all of the other customers at the show.  Kristina Kong
*  We went to Vegas over 1 year for our 16 anniversay. We bought tickets to cirques de solid. The seats were fantastic just like the show. We would not been able to afford the tickets. Only because of you for Half-Price Tickets. Thank you so much.  Jaini Barker
*  Have not used it yet, but since we recently moved from Ohio to north-west Arizona we will probably be visiting Vegas periodically. This looks like a good option for shows. Our 46th anniversary is coming up in July.  Donald Hiney
*  easy to use.  Brent Choiniere
*  View the site, but never purchased anything from it.   Joseph Kraynak
*  I did purchase tickets to the CSI experience at the MGM in Vegas on line.  My cousin went on line and purchased for us.  I just know that she used the internet and probably went on vegas.com, not sure. I will for sure purchase tickets in the future, we try to go to Vegas every year.  Emma King
*  real well.  nancy lippert
*  positive. no complaints.  Suzanne Matlosz


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