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Justin Tranz had made hypnosis Hip. His approach to hypnotism: comical and mischievous, which often leaves audiences rolling in aisles (or convinced they are become gold fish). Justin Tranz has been featured in Playboy TV''S Extreme Truth, controlling Broadway and the Vegas strip, blowing minds on The Tonight Show, MTV, BET, Fox Sports, The Wayne Brady Show, and IKEA TV Commercials. Like other great comedic entertainers, Tranz pushes the outer limits of humor with his unconventional approach to entertainment. He has headlined the Las Vegas Strip for over a decade. You will be amazed by his thorough understanding of the human mind. Just like a Surgeon, Tranz skillfully operates on your psyche, your fears and your funny bone, with the "Power of Suggestion." In less than a second, volunteers are placed into a very highly suggestible state of mind, Hypnosis. Next Justin puts the volunteers into comical situations, leaving his audiences limp with laughter. No two shows are alike. The participants are taken directly from the audience. The difference in personalities takes the show in unpredictable directions every night. You will see the show once, and you will feel compelled to see it again and again. Performs at the Wayfarer Theater inside Inspire Nightclub in downtown Las Vegas.

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