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Laugh Factory

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At the Tropicana Laugh Factory, you will enjoy laughs throughout the entire evening. Las Vegas comedy shows in Laugh Factory bring amazing, one-of-a-kind brands of comedy to the Vegas Strip. The Laugh Factory schedule is always full of the hottest comedians in the business - many are superstars from the big screen, others are up-and-coming Las Vegas comedians. Regardless of who is performing, the one thing we know for sure is that you will be rolling on the floor with laughter. The world-famous Laugh Factory, which opened its first club on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, has been recognized as the #1 Comedy Club in the Country!

Aug 5-11: John Caponera, Gali Kroup, Roberto Rodriquez
Aug 12-18: Darren Carter, Joe Nipote, Frazer Smith
Aug 19-25: Bob Zany, Felicia Michaels, Mike Faverman
Aig 26-29: Greg Hahn, Jay Davis, Rock Dale Davis
Sept 2-8: Mark Schiff, Avi Lieberman, Jimmy JJ Walker
Sept 9-15: Angelo Tsarouchas, Kristeen Von Hagen, Steve Roberts
Sept 16-22: Jay Black, Nate Jackson, Aidan Park
Sept 23-29: Shang Forbes, Erik Myers, Jerry Garcia
Sept 30-Oct 6: Don Friesen, TBA, Dave Mencarelli
Oct 7-13: Amir K, Michael Lenoci, TBA
Oct 14-20: Vicki Barbolak

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