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Paranormal by Frederic Da Silva show is 50% off ticket price from PARANORMAL show is a way to be on a first name basis with a mystery and best of all, and you really understand it. Frederic Da Silva is and International mentalist performing at the fabulous Ballys Las Vegas Casino. His show, Paranormal, leaves the audience participants a touch of his physical presence through the power of his mind. His afternoon show is filled with magic, mystery, hypnosis and amazing mind reading skills which leave you amazed and astonished. Da Silva is known as a European star on television. His Paranormal show takes Mentalist to a new level of divination, magic, power of suggestion and the paranormal. During the show you will see Da Silva predict and tell you about items you have on your person, or tell you the name of a person you are thinking about. If all this was not enough, when he makes a watch stop at the time you selected you will become a believer. You will be asking yourself how does he do these amazing feats, is it really magic, is it an illusion, is it special power, or maybe you will never know his secrets. The only thing for sure is this show is one of kind and you will never forget Frederic Da Silva as he performs in Paranormal. Performs at Bally''s Casino Las Vegas.

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