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Save money with has best prices Discount Ticket 50% OFF / Discount Ticket Policy continues to delivery the lowest priced Las Vegas Show, Tour and Attraction tickets every day at 50% off and we have saved our clients millions of dollars over the years.  We look forward to helping Las Vegas visitors and residents alike.  Over the past 10 years we had helped many people enjoy Las Vegas without spending a fortune.  We now are gearing up to expand into discount food, discount nightclubs and also expanding into other cities offering our loyal customers more discounts.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT a time share gimmick to obtain las vegas shows discount tickets. sells 50% Off seat guaranteed show tickets every day, no strings attached. Buy direct with confidence. We offer the lowest price show tickets online or offline. Tickets available daily at 50% OFF for today and up to 60 days in advance.

This is NOT a Vegas discount coupon book, 2 for 1, or something you have to subscribe to in order to get real 50% OFF tickets. At, view all shows, descriptions, photos, times, ticket options and more for free. Select what show / tour / attraction you want, pay 50% of box office price using our secure online system which processes all orders inside our BANKS servers. Upon completing your purchase online, you are shown a ticket receipt on your monitor which contains a unique confirmation code and emailed the code also. Hand write or print the unique code and take it to the box office the day of the event along with your photo ID and you are seated. IT IS THAT SIMPLE..... guarantees lowest prices for tickets anywhere

Guaranteed 100% Real Tickets -- 20+ year business in Las Vegas offering deals to the public. These are excellent seats, not view obstructed, no one will know you did not pay retail price.

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